Friday, June 29, 2012

The Midwife's Legacy

Title: The Midwife's Legacy
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Pub Date:  June 1st , 2012
Rhonda Gibson, Pamela Griffin, Jane Kirkpatrick, Trish Perry

Received From: NetGalley

The Midwife's Legacy

One Journal Unites Four Generations An aged journal links the lives of four spirited women who battle outside elements, opposition, and all odds to aid new life in the world. Will the fight to find true love be just as hard? Midwife and widow Adele Marley is content with an adopted daughter, a Wisconsin farm, and her role in the community. Is there room in her life for smitten banker Jerome Jensen, a man used to getting what he wants?  On the wagon-train trail to Oregon, Polly Schultz finds confidence, comfort, and guidance in her own skills by reading her mother’s journal. But can she overcome her rising temper and fear of abandonment long enough to establish a future with minister Gordon Baker?  Thanks to the wise words found in her ancestors’ journal, Christiana is secure in her role of midwife. But how will she convince Noah Cafferty, a journalist who decries women working outside the home, that she is capable of being both a wife and a midwife?  Kendra Silverstone’s confidence is shaken when a client loses a newborn. Will carpenter Steven Nichols and the discovery of a long-lost journal be enough to convince her of God’s will for her life?  How will God work to make the dreams of these courageous women come true?

Another book with four stories written by four authors tied together so nicely I have to wonder how they make this work! I really loved the historical to current day aspect of this book and thought each author tied in well to the time they were writing about. Starting with Adel gave a strong foundation to the book as she was the pillar of strength. Her daughter Polly was one of my favorite stories as she worked as a midwife along the Oregon trail. The tales that happen there as the train moves really struck me and added to a determination to read more books from that great occasion of history. 
 The last two stories of Christina and Kendra brought about some male leads that I enjoyed, coming with the times of women's rights and the safety of midwifery. The really tied this set together well. I felt a connection to each woman grow from story to story and loved the way it all tied into Kendra in the end thanks to her handsome Steven!


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