Friday, October 26, 2012

The Stork Trilogy- Giveaway

If you've been following along all week you know I've been spending the week with the Stork Trilogy by Wendy Delsol. I reviewed each of the books, did an interview with the author and now today I am giving away all three of the books signed by the author!

Stork- Paperback




Flock- Hardback


Join in now these are three books you won't want to miss, for yourself or as a gift to the reader in your family!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Stork Trilogy- Author Interview

Now that you've had a chance to check out my thoughts on all three of the books in the Stork Trilogy. I am excited to see how many of you went out and got these books, ordered them, or added to your must read list! Now let's find out a little more about the amazing mind behind the story!

Wendy Delsol

1)  You have a great trilogy of books, when you started out with Stork had you planned to write three, or did the story just build that way?

Once I began plotting out Stork, I knew I had sufficient material for future books, but I wrote the first as a stand-alone novel. Stork was the project that landed me an agent. In our very first conversation, she asked me if I had considered future books with the same characters. We shopped it to editors as a potential trilogy.

2)  What was your inspiration for Stork? The idea is so beautiful and really intrigues me I just have to know where you came up with it!

Can you believe the spark for the series came from the TV series Unsolved Mysteries? Long ago, there was a story about a very young boy who claimed pre-birth memories of hovering and choosing his mother. It freaked me out. Enough that I remembered it years later when brainstorming something unique in the paranormal genre. I added the idea of white witches or human Storks (borrowing from our cultural symbol of the bundle-bearing bird), who act as intermediaries between the undecided of awaiting souls and potential mothers.

3) Now that the Stork Trilogy is over what's on your plate in terms of a new book or series?

I have two books that I’m presently working on. One is a modern-day Pride and Prejudice. I use politics and religion as the gulf between my Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy. I’m about two-thirds of the way through this manuscript but can’t yet decide the age of my protagonist (which could potentially change the genre from adult to YA).

The other is a dystopian and deals with fertility manipulation and its unforeseen consequences. As it’s a work in progress and I’m not done plotting, I can’t share much more than that (as even I don’t know where things are headed).

4) You ended Flock very definitively, have you ever thought about doing a follow up short story into the lives of Katla and Jack 10 years from now?

Gosh. Ten years into Katla and Jack’s future. Hmm. No, I haven’t thought that far in advance. They’d be twenty-seven and twenty-eight respectively. I know that they’re both college educated by then. I see them still together. Beyond that, I guess I will leave it up to the reader to imagine their paths.

5) You have another book out called the McCloud home for Wayward Girls, what can you tell me about this book?

The McCloud Home for Wayward Girls is adult fiction. It’s the story of three generations of Iowa women who run a bed and breakfast from their historic home, once a haven for pregnant teens. A funeral brings past residents to town and sets into motion events that reveal a long-held family secret. If you like books with surprise elements, I’ve stumped many a reader with this book’s plot twist. 

You can find out more about Wendy Delsol here:

You can also purchase your own copies of Wendy's books here!

And don't forget to come back tomorrow for a giveaway of all three autographed books!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Stork Trilogy- Part Three FLOCK

Title: Flock
Publisher: Candlewick
Pub Date: September 25th, 2012
Author: Wendy Delsol
Received From: Purchased

Flock (Stork, #3)

After surviving her (shall we say) intense adventure in Iceland, Katla is psyched to be back for a blissfully uneventful senior year of homecoming and fashion explorations. But her hopes of dodging unfinished business are dashed by the arrival of two Icelandic exchange students: Marik, an oddly alluring merman-in-disguise, and Jinky, a tough gypsy girl. It seems Katla not only enraged the Snow Queen by rescuing her boyfriend, Jack, she also was tricked into promising her frail baby sister to the water queen — and Marik has come to collect. What’s worse, Katla doesn't dare confide in anyone lest she endanger them, so even her soul mate, Jack, is growing suspicious. And now Katla’s stork dreams, her guide for matching babies with mothers, have become strange and menacing as well. Hold on for a thrilling finale as the heroine of Stork and Frost calls on her wits (and her wit) to protect those she loves and face a final mythic disaster.

I waited with major anticipation to get a copy of Flock. I attended the book launch party for this one and it was so great to meet Wendy the author and see her family there supporting her! I couldn't wait to read the book and may be guilty of reading the fist few pages in the parking lot before driving home!

Once again the cover knocks my socks off. I really love the first thing I see of each of these books. Katla has now fully embraced her role as a Stork. She knows all about Jack's ability and feels comfort in that they are together again with the evil Brigid behind them. but once again things don't go quite how Katla planned. With the return of some familiar faces and a deal she made standing over her head the pressure is sure mounting for Katla this year. The biggest piece of the plot that intrigued me is how in Frost Brigid sort of pulled Jack form Katla and now Katla is pulling back from Jack. But I was also really interested in the stronger abilities that Katla had as a stork, no longer just dealing with the three chosen mothers, Katla can and does some interesting things. But the real piece of the book that blew my socks off was the ending. I didn't for one moment expect to see this and I really love it. Many books don't end on this note and I cannot say a word for fear of spoiling it. But it really is an ending!

Stay tuned for tomorrows interview with Wendy Delsol and Friday's Giveaway of all three of these books autographed!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Stork Trilogy -Part Two FROST

Title: Frost
Publisher: Candlewick
Pub Date: October 11th, 2011
Author: Wendy Delsol
Received From: Author
Frost (Stork, #2)
After the drama of finding out that she's a Stork, a member of an ancient and mystical order of women, and that her boyfriend, Jack, is a descendent of the Winter People able to control the weather, Katla Leblanc is delighted when all signs point to a busy and peaceful Christmas. That is, until the snowstorm Jack summons as a gift to Katla turns into the storm of the century, attracting Brigid, a gorgeous scientist who, in turn, attracts Jack. Between the school play, a bedridden, pregnant mother's to-do lists, and keeping an eye on her aging grandfather, Katla doesn't have time to question Brigid's motives or deal with Jack's increasingly cold behavior. But Katla's suspicions mount when Jack joins Brigid on a research expedition to Greenland, and when the two of them go missing, it becomes clear that Katla is the only one who can save her beloved Jack from the Snow Queen who holds him prisoner. Adventure, romance, and myth combine in this winter escapade for teens who like a bit of fire with their ice.

Now that we are well versed in the abilities of both Katla and Jack we get to join then in their holiday celebrations. Katla is finally beginning to feel settled into her new home and life but things of course won't stay easy. Jack in a moment that I myself see as lovely and heartwarming wants to provide Katla with her winter wonderland and in doing so finds that he may not have as much control over his power or is possibly far stronger than he thinks he is! Soon after this massive storm Brigid comes to town. Beautiful and poised she is there of course to research and learn about the weather event. But it turns out she may have a different motive all together. 

Jack and Katla's relationship begins to change a bit too. Katla has responsibilities coming out of her ears right now and Jack is really getting into the weather research. But does he seem a bit to standoffish and cold towards Katla? Katla being the ever strong and resourceful lead character knows there may be a bit more going on then meets the eye at this point and when Jack and Brigid are missing it is Katla through some amazing skill, power and resourcefulness who can be the one to bring her Jack home. Once again these characters really flow and work together and separate. In the second book of the series the author really beings it to the table with the ease of the story! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Stork Trilogy- Part One STORK

Title: Stork
Publisher: Candlewick
Pub Date: October 12th 2010
Author: Wendy Delsol
Received From: Author

Stork (Stork, #1)

Family secrets. Lost memories. And the arrival of an ancient magical ability that will reveal everything.

Sixteen-year-old Katla LeBlanc has just moved from Los Angeles to Minnesota. As if it weren’t enough that her trendy fashion sense draws stares, Katla soon finds out that she’s a Stork, a member of a mysterious order of women tasked with a very unique duty. But Katla’s biggest challenge may be finding her flock at a new school. Between being ignored by Wade, the arrogant jock she stupidly fooled around with, and constantly arguing with gorgeous farm boy and editor-in-chief Jack, Katla is relieved when her assignment as the school paper’s fashion columnist brings with it some much-needed friendship. But as Homecoming approaches, Katla uncovers a shocking secret about her past — a secret that binds her fate to Jack’s in a way neither could have ever anticipated. With a nod to Hans Christian Andersen and inspired by Norse lore, Wendy Delsol’s debut novel introduces a hip and witty heroine who finds herself tail-feathers deep in small-town life.

First of all the cover of this book just blows me away. Literally I am bowled over by the beauty and the colors and the look of it, if that doesn't intrigue you to check out this book then the story sure will! Katla is a fantastic lead character in that she has depth, and an amazing new power. Katla upon moving from her home in California to the Midwest experiences something many of us a never will, a draw towards a building in her new home. Here she discovers that she is a part of a group of women with an amazing mysterious power. The idea of this is so intriguing and cool it really just blows me away. So not only is Katla a part of this group she holds the role as a second chair, oh and I did I mention the age difference? Very interesting to see these older women adapt to a teenager in their midst. 

 Katla also finds herself meeting Jack. Jack is a standoffish as they come in the beginning and Katla gets the feeling he is angry with her. Reminding me some almost star crossed lovers.But really this relationship grows and changes. Jack become the one who will be by her side come hell or high water. Together these two make a fantastic duo. It really is heartwarming in the book to see young adults who are enjoying time with one another and not focusing on the usual angst of teenage dating. I give major kudos to the author for writing these two so well! Katla has a voice and a presence in almost the whole book with some great lines and a witty personality and Jack compliments, ads some mystery and really shapes the book together

This week will be all about the Stork Trilogy, A review of each book, an author interview and a chance for you to win all 3 books! 

Stay tuned!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Last Chance Christmas

Title: Last Chance Christmas
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Pub Date: September 25th 2012
Author: Hope Ramsay
Received From: NetGalley

Dear Reader,
I've been wishing for a miracle for my oldest boy, Stone, and this Christmas my prayers might just be answered! 

Her name is Lark, and she's here in Last Chance, looking into her father's past-and stirring up a whole mess of trouble without meaning to. As the chief of police, Stone sure has his hands full trying to keep up with her. Ever since his wife died, Stone's put everything into raising his daughters and dodging the Christ Church Ladies' Auxiliary matchmakers. And it's clear Lark has been through some trouble and could use a place to finally call home. I only hope Stone can let go of the past soon enough to keep her . . . 

Goodness, I need to stop talking and finish up Jane's highlights so we can make the town tree-lighting. You come back by because the Cut 'n' Curl's got hot rollers, free coffee, fresh-baked Christmas cookies-and the best gossip in town.

See you real soon, 
Ruby Rhodes

Lark has just lost her father and following his wishes she heads to Last Chance to scatter them on a mini golf course. She has no idea this quick trip is going to change her life and neither do the good folks in Last Chance. Stone is a father now raising his two young girls without their mother. After loosing his wife his life imploded and now he goes through the motions and attempts to help his daughter Haley with what he considers her problem. A sorrowful Angel as Haley calls her, is often seen in the home sadly watching Stone. 
There are some great characters and stories in this book and of course no greater time to feel loved and fall in love than the holidays! If your a fan of last Chance this is one you don't want to miss and if Last Chance is new to you hop right in and be welcomed to a family of love! Photobucket

Monday, October 15, 2012

Into The Pumpkin

Title: Into The Pumpkin
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Pub Date: August 31sth, 2012
Author: Linda Franklin
Received From: NetGalley

The fun of Halloween comes alive in this beautifully illustrated children's book.  The drawings, done each year by the author on the eve of Halloween, follow various "Halloween" characters as they prepare to celebrate this mystical holiday -- pumpkins, witches, bats, ravens, black cats, scarecrows, spiders, ghosts, and more. Should they have their party in the graveyard or the pumpkin patch? Should they dress up or simply go as themselves? Take a ride on the witch's broom and enter the pumpkin for a magical trip both you and your kids will not soon forget. Pre-K through 6th.
Linda Franklin is an award-winning artist whose work is widely exhibited in private collections throughout the United States. She is also a celebrated teacher who has launched many aspiring artists onto careers of their own.
C's Review- I was a little scared by some of the ideas in this book. the ghosts looked very spooky and it made me kind of nervous. The beginning was more fun than the end. I don't want to think of Halloween as a scary holiday.

Mom's Review- Into The Pumpkin is listed as a book for Pre-K to 6th. I feel this is a bit off. While geared towards kids it may be one of the more spooky Halloween books I've seen. The illustrations are very well done but the flowy feel of them adds some spook for sure. I think it'd be better to see these words with more cartoon based characters, or to see some kids interacting with the illustrations. That said it gets harder and harder to find good themed books for older kids and if you are in the 3rd-6th I can see this as way more appropriate!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Book of Life by Angel

Title: My Book of Life by Angel
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Publishing Group
Pub Date: September 4th, 2012
Author: Martine Leavitt
Received From: NetGalley

My Book of Life by Angel

When sixteen-year-old Angel meets Call at the mall, he buys her meals and says he loves her. He gives her a drug that makes her feel like she can fly. Pretty soon she's addicted, and without even realizing she has run away from home, she moves in with him. Call says that if she really loves him, she'll sleep with his friend-then it's a friend of a friend, and soon she's turning tricks. When her best friend on the street goes missing, Angel is afraid. But it is when her pimp brings home a little girl who is only eleven and wants Angel to show her the ropes, that Angel realizes she has got to find a way to save herself so she can save the girl.

Heavy words, heavy heart, heavy story. Oh wow I am not even sure where to begin. this book is written in Verse and that was kind of a foreign idea to me. I think I like that style of writing but I feel like maybe this book just contained to much heavy content to pull of verse. Angle is a young girl who is drawn into the life of prostitution, quickly taking the readers with her into a dark and scary world. When her John brings home an 11 year old girl Angel does all that she can to protect her. I liked seeing her take on a role so similar to her name. But I just couldn't stop screaming in my head and the men in this book, the Pimps, customers etc. I really wanted to love it but I think the ideas in here and the reality just shook me a bit to much. 


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Are You Sleeping Little One?

Title: Are You Sleeping Little One?
Publisher: Abeville press
Pub Date: August 14th, 2012
Author: Hans-Christian Schmidt and Cynthia Vance
Received From: NetGalley

Are You Sleeping Little One?

Introduce young children to how baby animals sleep with this whimsical board book. With lyrical bedtime rhymes, it describes the sleeping habits of over a dozen animals, including species both common and rare, from ducklings to sloths, bats to giraffes! Its gentle rhymes and sweet, soothing pictures are the perfect way for little ones to end the day.

C's Review- This is a cute book, I liked to see all the babies with their mommies. It is interesting that not all of the babies have a specific name separate from their mom. Like a baby kangaroo is a joey but a baby sloth is just a sloth. I liked all of the rhymes and pictures in this book too. 

Mom's Review- This was a really good little book for young ones because as I have learned repetition is great but many books cover the same animals over and over again. In this story we get to see some of the traditional Parent/Child animal combo but there are new ones as well and quite a few of them. I love getting to share with my kids that bats and bees are not just scary but also loving parts of families. While we are past most board books this one is long enough the entertain a young preschooler and mine enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

How Lucky You Are

Title: How Lucky You Are
Publisher:Grand Central Publishing
Pub Date: September 4th, 2012
Author: Kristen Kusek Lewis
Received From: NetGalley
How Lucky You Are

In the tradition of Emily Giffin and Marisa de los Santos, HOW LUCKY YOU ARE is an engaging and moving novel about three women struggling to keep their longstanding friendship alive. Waverly, who's always been the group's anchor, runs a cozy bakery but worries each month about her mounting debt. Kate is married to a man who's on track to be the next governor of Virginia, but the larger questions brewing in their future are unsettling her. Stay-at-home mom Amy has a perfect life on paper, but as the horrific secret she's keeping from her friends threatens to reveal itself, she panics. 
As life's pressures build all around them, Waverly knows she has some big decisions to make. In doing so, she will discover that the lines between loyalty and betrayal can become blurred, happy endings aren't always clear-cut, and sometimes you have to risk everything to gain the life you deserve.

Nothing really warms my heart like true friendship. I have been the lucky recipient of it more times than I can count and I know that it is a true blessing. In How Lucky You Are we meet three friends, Waverly a bakery owner who is struggling with money and worried in her life. Amy a stay at home mother to a young girl who's husband a doctor seems to have a secret. Kate a young woman on the verge of protecting her husband and furthering his political career. From the get go I can see that Waverly feels that she needs some rescuing, but in reality as you will find maybe she has a bit more of the rescuer in her than she thought. Things aren't quite what they seem in her two friends home. As I well know it is often those you least suspect going through the most. Watching these three women handle their challenges and triumph over some hard obstacles was heartwarming and true!