Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big Splash

Title: Big Splash
Publisher: Capstone young Readers
Pub Date: August 1st , 2012
Author: Tracey Corderoy
Received From: NetGalley 

Big Splash!

Join the Grunt and the Grouch, two of the most disgusting trolls you'll ever meet, as they dive headfirst into trouble. In this three-in-one adventure, the Grunt and the Grouch crash the opening of the local swimming pool, get tangled up on a camping trip, and tackle babysitting Grunt's trouble-making cousin.
  • Humor, disgusting monsters and vibrant illustrations all wrapped up with a heartwarming ending
  • Trolls and monsters are popular sellers
Ages 6-8. From the Grunt and the Grouch series by Tracey Corderoy.

(C's Review)
The first story of the dirty trolls and the pool was gross, I would never swim where there were bugs and cheese. Don't you have to shower before going in the pool? When they babysat it was really funny and I liked the glitter paint she used. I would like to go camping where they did just without any trolls if I could. 

(Mom's Review) 
This book is broken into three short stories, each highlighting a time period in the life of two messy, nasty trolls. The stories are cute and entertaining for readers in the K-3 grade levels, with just enough illustrations to entertain. The illustrations are really great and paint a fun picture that helps determine the story for readers struggling with some words. While a bit gross with lots of talk of snot there is a princess to entertain even the girliest of girls!

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