Friday, July 27, 2012

The Treasure of the Celtic Triangle

Title: The Treasure of the Celtic Triangle
Publisher:Barbour Publishing
Pub Date: August 1st , 2012
Author: Michael Phillips
Received From: NetGalley

The Treasure of the Celtic Triangle

A Quest for the Truth Leads Home
Having accepted his uncle’s dying request to restore the missing heir to the Westbrooke estate, young Scotsman Percy Drummond begins an unforgettable journey. But as his search leads him to Ireland, circumstances in Wales threaten the future. . .
Percy’s engagement to beautiful Florilyn Westbrooke hangs in the balance when Florilyn fears they are moving forward too quickly. Childhood friend Gwyneth Barrie disappears unexpectedly, and Percy begins to feel his heart pulled toward the mystifying lass. Meanwhile cousin Courtenay Westbrook devises a scheme destined to rip the family and estate apart once he inherits his late father’s title.
As Percy’s quest continues down many circuitous paths, the key to the mystery seems forever to elude him. . .unless he can discover the greatest treasure that was within his sight all along. Will he find the true reward before it fades into the misty Celtic past?

 I love a good story that is set before my time, it is always a learning experience and fun to hear about things I haven't gotten to experience. By that note the Treasure of the Celtic circle also brought to the table, some lovely women, a few bad boys, and some mystery. Our main set of characters were young adults Florilyn and Percy who determined they were not suited to marry once engaged. 
After the loss of Florilyn's Father Percy went on a mission for him and while gone Florilyn got herself mixed up in some unfortunate company! Percy found the love of his life and solved a great mystery that proved to keep home as it should be! I loved watching our characters like Percy and Gwyneth, Florilyn, Courtenay and Steven as they each navigated their lives, made some mistakes and in the end found the true them and some true love!


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