Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mud Puddle

Title: Mud Puddle
Publisher: Annick Press
Pub Date: September 1st , 2012
Author: Robert Munsch
Received From: NetGalley 

A brand-new look for a classic story.
First published in 1979, this was the first of Robert Munsch’s oral stories to be turned into a book. Since then, it has made countless children (and adults) all around the world laugh out loud.

When Jule Ann goes outside, a mud puddle jumps on her and gets her dirty all over. No sooner does her mother scrub her clean than she ventures out again, only to be pounced upon by the pesky mud puddle. The cycle continues until finally Jule Ann gets the better of the mud puddle with cheerful ingenuity and two bars of smelly yellow soap.

Lively, clever artwork by award-winning illustrator Dusan Petricic gives this bestselling picture book a fresh and energetic look that will charm a new generation of young readers

C's Review I think that was a very funny story, I know thought it wasn't true because muddle puddles do not go in houses, trees or over houses and the  muddle puddles always knew when to jump right out at her I wish I had a copy to read to my sister. it really is cute and fun and I loved the soap scene.

Mom's Review This was one of my favorite books when I was little, I strongly remember it as being gross because who wants to get muddy. This version adds some great current graphics and a fun twist on the things that small kids can get themselves into! It's a must have for any book collection for the children in your life. 


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