Monday, August 27, 2012

Confessions of an Angry Girl

Title: Confessions of an Angry Girl
Publisher: Harlequin
Pub Date: 8/28/2012
Author: Louise Rozett
Received From : NetGalley

Confessions of an Angry Girl (Confessions, #1)

ROSE ZARELLI, self-proclaimed word geek and angry girl, has some confessions to make...
1. I’m livid all the time. Why? My dad died. My mom barely talks. My brother abandoned us. I think I’m allowed to be irate, don’t you? 
2. I make people furious regularly. Want an example? I kissed Jamie Forta, a badass guy who might be dating
a cheerleader. She is now enraged and out for blood. Mine. 
3. High school might as well be Mars. My best friend has been replaced by an alien, and I see red all the
time. (Mars is red and “seeing red” means being angry—get it?) 
Here are some other vocab words that describe my life:
Inadequate. Insufferable. Intolerable.

(Don’t know what they mean? Look them up yourself.)
                                                   (Sorry. That was rude.)

Well Rose our self proclaimed Angry Girl has a whole lot on her plate. Her father was killed working as a corespondent in the war. He brother is off to college and not really interested in home anymore, and her mother is in a loss bubble. High school is a new and sometimes scary world. When your best friend falls in with the cheerleaders and the enemy. Tracey's involvement with cheer leading adds some angst when she is befriended by Regina the  mortal enemy. Jamie is a unconventional love interest for Rose. He has a girlfriend,Regina who he carries an unsteady relationship with and yet he kisses Rose. Can you see how this can all make one angry? I love the characters and the vocabulary used in the book. But I felt a bit angered myself at the way the book is left. There are no conclusions and everything is left hanging in many story lines. I know this is a ploy to draw me in to book # 2. I just prefer an ending with a cliffhanger to a drop. 



  1. I am reading this very soon, so I will prepare myself for the ending :)

    1. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts!