Friday, October 19, 2012

Last Chance Christmas

Title: Last Chance Christmas
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Pub Date: September 25th 2012
Author: Hope Ramsay
Received From: NetGalley

Dear Reader,
I've been wishing for a miracle for my oldest boy, Stone, and this Christmas my prayers might just be answered! 

Her name is Lark, and she's here in Last Chance, looking into her father's past-and stirring up a whole mess of trouble without meaning to. As the chief of police, Stone sure has his hands full trying to keep up with her. Ever since his wife died, Stone's put everything into raising his daughters and dodging the Christ Church Ladies' Auxiliary matchmakers. And it's clear Lark has been through some trouble and could use a place to finally call home. I only hope Stone can let go of the past soon enough to keep her . . . 

Goodness, I need to stop talking and finish up Jane's highlights so we can make the town tree-lighting. You come back by because the Cut 'n' Curl's got hot rollers, free coffee, fresh-baked Christmas cookies-and the best gossip in town.

See you real soon, 
Ruby Rhodes

Lark has just lost her father and following his wishes she heads to Last Chance to scatter them on a mini golf course. She has no idea this quick trip is going to change her life and neither do the good folks in Last Chance. Stone is a father now raising his two young girls without their mother. After loosing his wife his life imploded and now he goes through the motions and attempts to help his daughter Haley with what he considers her problem. A sorrowful Angel as Haley calls her, is often seen in the home sadly watching Stone. 
There are some great characters and stories in this book and of course no greater time to feel loved and fall in love than the holidays! If your a fan of last Chance this is one you don't want to miss and if Last Chance is new to you hop right in and be welcomed to a family of love! Photobucket

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