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The Stork Trilogy- Author Interview

Now that you've had a chance to check out my thoughts on all three of the books in the Stork Trilogy. I am excited to see how many of you went out and got these books, ordered them, or added to your must read list! Now let's find out a little more about the amazing mind behind the story!

Wendy Delsol

1)  You have a great trilogy of books, when you started out with Stork had you planned to write three, or did the story just build that way?

Once I began plotting out Stork, I knew I had sufficient material for future books, but I wrote the first as a stand-alone novel. Stork was the project that landed me an agent. In our very first conversation, she asked me if I had considered future books with the same characters. We shopped it to editors as a potential trilogy.

2)  What was your inspiration for Stork? The idea is so beautiful and really intrigues me I just have to know where you came up with it!

Can you believe the spark for the series came from the TV series Unsolved Mysteries? Long ago, there was a story about a very young boy who claimed pre-birth memories of hovering and choosing his mother. It freaked me out. Enough that I remembered it years later when brainstorming something unique in the paranormal genre. I added the idea of white witches or human Storks (borrowing from our cultural symbol of the bundle-bearing bird), who act as intermediaries between the undecided of awaiting souls and potential mothers.

3) Now that the Stork Trilogy is over what's on your plate in terms of a new book or series?

I have two books that I’m presently working on. One is a modern-day Pride and Prejudice. I use politics and religion as the gulf between my Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy. I’m about two-thirds of the way through this manuscript but can’t yet decide the age of my protagonist (which could potentially change the genre from adult to YA).

The other is a dystopian and deals with fertility manipulation and its unforeseen consequences. As it’s a work in progress and I’m not done plotting, I can’t share much more than that (as even I don’t know where things are headed).

4) You ended Flock very definitively, have you ever thought about doing a follow up short story into the lives of Katla and Jack 10 years from now?

Gosh. Ten years into Katla and Jack’s future. Hmm. No, I haven’t thought that far in advance. They’d be twenty-seven and twenty-eight respectively. I know that they’re both college educated by then. I see them still together. Beyond that, I guess I will leave it up to the reader to imagine their paths.

5) You have another book out called the McCloud home for Wayward Girls, what can you tell me about this book?

The McCloud Home for Wayward Girls is adult fiction. It’s the story of three generations of Iowa women who run a bed and breakfast from their historic home, once a haven for pregnant teens. A funeral brings past residents to town and sets into motion events that reveal a long-held family secret. If you like books with surprise elements, I’ve stumped many a reader with this book’s plot twist. 

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