Thursday, February 2, 2012

Birthday Suit

Title: Birthday Suit
Publisher: Anick Press
Pub Date: February 1st 2012
Author: Olive Senior
Received From: NetGalley

Birthday Suit

Naked is best!
Johnny loves nothing better than splashing in the ocean waves-naked. But Mom says now that he's four he's too old to run around without clothes on. She even buys him a pair of overalls with genuine 100 percent child-proof snap fasteners! But they're no match for Johnny as he wriggles out of them.

Johnny's father explains that big boys wear clothes. Doesn't he want to be big like Dad? As Johnny gazes up, he decides that wearing clothes may be a small price to pay to reach such heights.

Everyone is happy as Johnny practices putting on his clothes. And now when he runs into the ocean, he makes sure to take his red swimsuit-but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll always wear it! 

(C's Comments) I can't say much about this book it was a really quick book. I think four year olds should wear clothes. Kinda looked like he lived in a fun place I would like to live by the ocean, not much pink in the pictures!

(Mom's Comments) This is a cute little story of a four year old boy who doesn't want to wear any clothes. He lives near a beach and is often in the ocean. He eventually learns that wearing clothing is not so bad, through a discussion with his dad. The story line and alliteration are fun, the illustrations could be a bit more bold! I am a bit perplexed at his age, four seems awful old to be naked in public. But it is a cute story and might be helpfully for a family with a semi nudist child on their hands!


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