Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cinderella Smith

Title: Cinderella Smith
Publisher:  Harper Collins
Pub Date: 4/26/2011
Author: Stephanie Barden
Received From: Purchased

Cinderella Smith

Cinderella Smith has problems with a capital P. Her new teacher laughs at her name, she has to sit at the smart-boys table, and her old best friend is ignoring her. Now the new girl, Erin, has asked for her advice on wicked stepsisters. But Cinderella doesn't have any stepsisters, wicked or otherwise! And to make things worse, she's got to find her ruby red tap shoe before the fall dance recital!
How will Cinderella solve her capital P problems before it's too late?

C's Review

Cinderella Smith is about a little girl who's tap shoes are missing and she wants her ears pierced. Che got her name by always losing her shoes. She took a dance class, ballet and tap, like me!

She met a new friend named Erin, I made a friend named Erin this week too. Erin has a new mom and new sisters and she and Cinderella are trying to determine if they are wicked or not. Then we find out Erin and her two big sisters are all wicked because of their big feet.
My favorite part was when they got into the fancy dresses for the wedding. The funniest part was the loud boys sports table. Cinderella ended up a the smart boys table. 

Mom's Review

Cute, Cute, Cute This was one cute and sweet little fun adaption on a fairytale for young readers! We are anxiously awaiting the next Cinderella Smith title due out this Month!


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