Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rainbows End

Title: Rainbow's End
Publisher:  Barbour Publishing
Pub Date:   May 1st, 2012
Author: Valerie Comer, Annalisa Daughety, Nicole O'Dell, Cara C. Putnam 
Received From: Net Galley
Rainbow's End

Unexpected Treasure in the Missouri Ozarks
It’s always an interesting group of strangers who show up for the Rainbow’s End geocache hunt each summer, and the spectacular scenery along the bluffs of the Lake of the Ozarks is just one reason. . .
Lyssa, fired up for the ministry and anxious to talk about Jesus, is startled to find her former college professor among the group. Will he upset her mission?
City girl Madison is annoyed that her sister signed her up and then bailed—but now she’s been paired with a complete stranger! Worse, he’s one of those outdoorsy types.
Reagan has always played it safe, doing everything by the book. And then she meets her brother’s frat brother, a guy who’s got his life mapped out, too.
After winning her life-long battle to get fit, Hadley can’t wait to meet men who didn’t know her “before.” But Brad is that species of guy she has no experience with: a player.
God only knows if this adventure in the woods will lead to heartache. . .or love.

This wonderful book is broken into four stories

The first one Topaz Treasure details the life of Kirk, a professor and Lyssa a teacher and former student of Kirk's. They meet again a few years after Lyssa has graduated college and while Lyssa remembers Kirk, he has no recolection of her. Their past wasn't an easy one and now they must navigate to a future together. Kirk is seeking the lord and while Lyssa has him she isn't ready to speak up and share him. This is a really sweet love story, with an ending I love and a focus on a little thing called Geo-Caching that my family loves to do! I enjoyed seeing how this story fell into place!

The second tale Beneath the Surface Is the story of Madison and her summer in her sisters house. Once her sister leaves her without a Geo Caching partner, she partners up with Grant and what a duo they make. Madison needs some time to work past what she wants in life and Grant must learn to work past his stereo type for her, but in the end when the work both mental and figurative is done what will they have?

The third Tale Welcome Home Love involves the life of Hadley, a young woman who is on a new adventure in life, living as a healthy person. Recently having lost a large amount of weight, life is new for Hadley. Swept up by the player in town, Brad.  Hadley must learn what she really wants from life and love. The Character of Noah is in my eyes her destinty, but will she see it? There is a past to see there and figuring out where they want to go from there is a great path!

The final story Love's Prize is filled with some drama, scary parts and of course romance. Garrett and his sister Reagan have slipped away from the city for the summer due to a stalker following Reagan. Colton is Garrett's soon to be college roommate. The three spend the summer looking for caches and trying to make sure there is no danger for Reagan. In the end the mystery continues and love takes over. 


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