Monday, April 2, 2012

I Dream of an Elephant

Title: I Dream of an Elephant
Publisher: Abeville Press
Pub Date:3/22/2010
Author: Amy Rubiger
Received From: Netgalley

I Dream of an Elephant takes readers through a wondrous world where they will encounter elephants of many colorful shades that sing, dance, and play - each in its own way! These illustrations provide the hints needed for children to chime in and complete the missing word (the color) from each rhyming couplet. I Dream of an Elephant teaches children about colors with an interactive, fill-in-the-blank challenge that encourages participation.
I Dream of An Elephant
(C's Review) Oh this book is cute. I love the colors because they are really good, I hope we can get this book and I can read it to my little sister. She is learning about her colors shapes and letters. Pink is my favorite color. I think the Elephants are really funny and I wonder what they do dream about!

(Mom's Review)  Smart thinking points go out to the author of this cute kids book. I've read many a book about colors for young children. This one is filled with fun rhymes and the greatest mixture of color. I really love the way that this book can be used to not only teach each color but the shades of the colors as well! Also the added humor in the last color is a great addition!I would consider this a great book for any toddler age child learning colors. I am sure it'll be a part of my library soon!


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