Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bloom-Finding Beauty in the Unexpected--A Memoir

Title: Bloom-Finding Beauty in the Unexpected--A Memoir
Publisher: William Morrow
Pub Date:  April 3rd, 2012
Author: Kelle Hampton
Received From: Purchased

Bloom by Kelle Hampton

The author of the popular blog Enjoying the Small Things recounts the first year of life with her daughter Nella, born with Down syndrome-a celebration of the beauty found in the unexpected, the strength of a mother's love, and, the gift of experiencing life in a wondrous new way

Love me. Love me. I'm not what you expected, but oh, please love me.
That was the most defining moment of my life. That was the beginning of my story.

When photographer Kelle Hampton learned she was pregnant with her second child, she and her husband, Brett, were ecstatic. Her pregnancy went smoothly and the ultrasounds showed a beautiful, healthy, high-kicking baby girl. But when her new daughter was placed in her arms in the delivery room, Kelle knew instantly that something was wrong. Nella looked different than her two-year-old sister Lainey had at birth. As she watched friends and family celebrate with champagne toasts and endless photographs, a terrified Kelle was certain that Nella had Down syndrome-a fear her pediatrician soon confirmed. Yet gradually Kelle's fear and pain were vanquished by joy, as she embraced the realization that she had been chosen to experience an extraordinary and special gift.
Bloom takes readers on a wondrous journey through Nella's first year of life-a gripping, hilarious, and intensely poignant trip of transformation in which a mother learns that perfection comes in all different shapes. It is a story about embracing life and really living it, of being fearless and accepting difference, of going beyond constricting definitions of beauty, and of the awesome power of perspective. As Hampton writes, "There is us. Our Family. We will embrace this beauty and make something of it. We will hold our precious gift and know that we are lucky.

I haven't been a faithful reader of Kelle Hamptons blog. But I have occasionally checked in. When I picked up Bloom the first thing I though was oh my goodness it is the size of a text book! Seriously the shape, weight, I felt like a kid again! I dove into this book with some kind of crazy intensity, wanting to know what she had to say. You know what I found, my textbook theory was not far off. I learned so much reading this book! 

As  a mother I am flawed, I don't always stop and pay attention, but when Nella was born Kelle had to do just that, slow down and pay attention and find something in her life. She spent time thinking about how life was changing and instead of going to a place of sadness she found a place of peace and love. She Found herself in the life of her daughter Nella and in living life with her family and friends. The stories in here of how a group comes together warmed every bit of my heart! I can only hope that in some way I am a friend to those I love who is a giving and loving as those that have stood with the Hamptons. What a wonderful read this was and the pictures throughout the book were phenomenal and added to the true beauty!



  1. Beautiful written review, I have heard such wonderful things about this book!

  2. I want to read this - based on your hauntingly beautiful review. And just so you know, you stood by me in my darkest hour and also in my brightest. Thank you for being such an incredible friend to me.