Monday, May 28, 2012

Snowbound With a Stranger

Title: Snowbound With a Stranger
Publisher: Carina Press
Pub Date:  May 28th, 2012
Author: Rebecca Rogers Maher
Received From: NetGalley

Snowbound with a Stranger (The Recovery Trilogy, #1)

Dannie Marino is hiking with colleagues when a sudden blizzard separates her from her group. She's rescued by Lee, a dangerously sexy stranger who leads her to a remote cabin to weather the storm.
When the night inevitably ends in an intense erotic encounter, Dannie is both shocked and liberated by her response. But being intimate means letting herself be vulnerable, which isn't her style. Lee tries to reach out to her, but she avoids any emotional entanglement by pushing him away.
Snowed in and unable to hide from each other, Dannie and Lee must both face up to their most closely guarded emotions. When the storm abates, will they be able to stop running from the past and live fully in the future?

I used to find that shorter books were harder for me to read as I didn't have time to really get into the characters. But Snowbound With a Stranger changed that for me! I love the relationship of Dannie and Lee from the beginning, smoldering looks that Dannie turned away from. I also felt a lot of emotion towards Dannie when the conversations turned to her career as a nurse. 

When Lee rescues Dannie and they find themselves the inhabitants of a cabin, kept warm by cozy fires, with a few unexpected events, it is fun to watch their relationship change and grow. Both characters have some learning to do and it is through that growth they can see where life is headed for them. This is really a light fun read, although it's warm out reading it during a storm really brought out the warm fuzzies!


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