Thursday, March 1, 2012

Caring is Creepy

Title: Caring is Creepy
Publisher: Soho Press
Pub Date: April 3rd  2012
Author: David Zimmerman
Received From: NetGalley
Caring Is Creepy

I was tossing and turning trying to finish this book, It was so real and honestly scary that I felt it got into my brain! Really that is pry a sign of a very good author. But all I could feel reading this book was sadness. I started out with sadness for the relationship Lynn had with her mother, then the add in of the druggy boyfriend of her mothers. The uncertainty of her mothers role in the current issues! When Lynn met Logan I felt like I'd soon be reading a fairy tale ending. How far from that thought was I? OH Man! The character of Logan was an interesting one and the ways that Lynn interacted and in a sense controlled him were not what I was expecting but I found them interesting to read. Dani as Lynn's good friend I thought was sort of dropped from the story but for one or two small tie ins. I would have appreciated to see more of her and more of that relationship. I am not a true fan of bombs that drop at the tail end of a book, so I think that may have made me frustrated with the ending. All in all it was a interesting read and for someone who loves a little mystery it is pry a top notch book. I am glad I stuck it out and finished the book, while a bit out of my comfort level it was a good story and one that could be happening right next door to you!


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