Monday, March 19, 2012

Chocolate Socks

Title: Chocolate Socks
Publisher: Ambassador International
Pub Date: March 2012
Author: Holly Durst
Received From: Publisher

What two things do you like best in the whole world? Close your eyes. Dream of putting those two things together. Dream of inventing something new! What will it be? Maybe it will be something as crazy as Chocolate Socks!

C's Review Chocolate Socks is a awesome book, I want chocolate socks for real and I bet they would be so good. In the book a little girl invented chocolate socks, this book is about doing two different things and combine together to make them real. If I could combine any two things I would combine two of my favorite things which is Lollipops and my Ipod Touch. I could lick it while I listen to it. 

Mom's Review- This has got to be one of the cutest children's books I have ever read, and trust me I read a ton of them! This book really has it all, a fun story line that keeps the kids entertained. A great message, one that really resonated with my girls, and the cutest little illustrations. I am not always a fan of rhyming books but in this story it is really the icing on the cake! I've now read this book at least 20 times and it is still just as cute as it was the first round!



  1. This sounds really cute and I know my kids would love the idea of chocolate socks!

  2. We will have to try out this book, although wearing chocolate sounds like we would have lots of bare footed people in our house from eating our socks :). Thanks fr the recommendation, it's often overwhelming going to the library and trying to choose a funny and entertaining kids book.