Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Wishing Pearl

Title: The Wishing Pearl
Publisher: Barbour
Pub Date: October 1, 2011
Author: Nicole O'Dell
Received From: Publisher

The Wishing Pearl

Join conflicted sixteen-year-old Olivia Mansfield on her journey to hope and healing as she leaves her messed-up life behind and moves into Diamond Estates, a home for troubled teens. This brand-new novel for teen girls will not only entertain, but also promises to capture your heart and challenge your faith.

Last month I reviewed The Embittered Ruby, which is book 2 in the Diamond Estates series, if you recall I was really taken with it so I had to go back and read book 1. Quite honestly I am glad I hadn't found this before because it would have made the wait for book 2 so much harder! This is one honest, and raw book. I love the main character Olivia and I so understand what she is going through at home. Details about her fathers death and her home life lead her on a path of destruction. Reading this book now as a parent I really understand how important the lines of communication with our kids are!

Olivia lives with her mother and her for lack of a better term monster of a step father. She makes some choices in her life that lead up to a tragedy, and thankfully she turns that tragedy into so many great things by taking that all important first step in bettering her life and turning it over to God. We are introduced to some of the teens at Diamond Estates and pay close attention because you may see them again! I just found myself so wrapped up in Olivia and pulling for her that I couldn't put this book down. Now if only I can keep myself busy until Dec 1st when the third and final book, Shadowed Onyx comes out! I know something you can do while you wait, check out my interview with author Nicole O'Dell


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