Friday, March 30, 2012

Sabrina's Window

Title: Sabrina's Window
Publisher: Lumis Books
Pub Date:5/01/2012
Author: Al Riske
Received From: Netgalley

Sabrina's Window

On a chilly morning in Taos, New Mexico, a 17-year-old paperboy breaks the window of a 31-year-old hair stylist - an accident that marks the beginning of an instant, inexplicable bond between them. In the course of one high-desert summer, Joshua and Sabrina share confidences, intercede in each other's love lives, go on a date that scandalizes the town, and confront questions of fidelity, desire, and the nature of love.

The story here is a classic one, boy meets girl, boy falls for girl but for some reason they cannot be together. In this case the reason in age. Sabrina is an adult while Joshua is barely a young man. I liked the idea of this story and enjoyed the build up of characters, especially Joshua. Learning about the life of a teenage boy was intriguing, interesting, funny and surprising, who knew boys had so many facets at that age. I only wish this book had been around to read when I was 16. 

What really discouraged me in reading this book was the jumping from character to character, at times it would take me a bit to figure out who's story we were in. There was also a bit of development of character that just kind of dropped off the face of the book. I kept waiting for the return of Tara or some finalization to her story, and relationship with Sabrina.  All in all I would recommend this book to those young adult female readers looking for a bit more insight into the minds of the young men in their lives!

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