Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Accidental Bride

Title: The Accidental Bride
Pub Date:1/03/2012
Author: Denise Hunter
Received From: NetGalley

When a wedding reenactment turns real, this cowgirl suddenly finds she’s an accidental bride. Shay Brandenberger is raising her daughter in Moose Creek, Montana on her childhood ranch, nestled against the Yellowstone River. Despite her hard work, she can’t seem to keep her head above water—and now the bank is threatening to foreclose. She prays for a miracle, but the answer she receives is anything but. Having agreed to play the bride in the Founders Day wedding reenactment, Shay is mortified to be greeted at the end of the aisle by none other than Travis McCoy, her high school sweetheart—the man who left her high and dry for fame and fortune on the Texas rodeo circuit.  Then the unthinkable happens. Thanks to a well-meaning busy body and an absent minded preacher, the wedding reenactment results in a legal marriage. But before Shay can say annulment, Travis comes up with a crazy proposal. If she refuses his offer, she’ll lose her home. But if she accepts, she may lose her heart.  Shay isn’t sure if the recent events are God’s will or just a preacher’s blunder. Will trusting her heart to the man who once shattered it be the worst mistake of her life? Or could their marriage be the best accident that ever happened?

WOW! I loved this book. I was caught in the story from the first page, they storytelling done by Denise Hunter is well written, and concise. Each twist and turn of events that worked to bring Shay and Travis together was matched with something that pulled her away from him. I was drawn into not only their lives but those of their friends and families as well. Never having been a real farm girl I enjoyed some of the glimpse into small towns and life on a farm. Knowing what one wants at the ripe old age of 18 is tough. Your often so sure in that place and time, but finding that again as an adult is amazing. This story was told with ease and love. I could not put it down and found myself reaching for it anytime I had a spare moment! Definitely run to your nearest bookseller and pick up a copy. 

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